The normal services provided fall under these broad headings:


  • Advising the client upon the services of Architecture and the need for a Quantity Surveyor.
  • Obtaining an initial statement of requirements.
  • Outlining possible courses of action
  • Feasibility studies

Outline Proposal

  • Considering or developing the brief
  • Advising on the need for and instructing any consultants.
  • Preparing outline proposals which incorporate a detailed presentation of the clients’ requirements
  • Approximation of the cost

Scheme Design

  • Consisting of small-scale working drawings, including spatial arrangements and appearance
  • Showing cost and timetable for the project.
  • Seeking where necessary, approval of local authority.
  • Providing Periodic Supervision.
  • Issuing Certificates required under contracts,
  • Handing over the building to the client and providing drawings for maintenance and operation.

Infrastructure Design Forum (I.D. Forum), was formed in 1992 to offer consultancy services in Architecture, Engineering, Physical Planning, Development Planning and Environmental Management, under the umbrella of the allied professions.

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