Infrastructure Design Forums provides a comprehensive range of consultancy services in Architecture, Physical Planning, Civil & Structural Engineering, Roads and Highway Engineering, Water & Sanitation and Environmental Management.


  • Public Buildings.
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Housing
  • Institutional Buildings

Civil / Structural Engineering

  • Building Construction
  • Soil mechanics and Investigations
  • Construction Supervision

Physical Planning

  • Natural Resources Surveys
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Town Planning

Environmental Management

  • Environmental Planning
  • Land-use Planning
  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Resource Analysis
  • Human Settlements Planning
  • Research

Roads & Highway Engineering

  • Urban & Rural road networks
  • Highways
  • Feeder Roads
  • Bridges, and earthworks
  • Estate Roads
  • Stadium Roads, Car parks
  • Related Drainage & Masonry Works

Water, Sanitation and Drainage Engineering

  • Urban Water Supply
  • Rural Water Supply
  • Urban Sewerage Disposal
  • Rural Sewage Disposal
  • Urban and Rural Drainage
Infrastructure Design Forum (I.D. Forum), was formed in 1992 to offer consultancy services in Architecture, Engineering, Physical Planning, Development Planning and Environmental Management, under the umbrella of the allied professions.

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